Thursday, July 3, 2014

Quilts, Baseball, Apple Pie and Hopes & Dreams

Here's to Quilts, Baseball, Apple Pie and Hopes & Dreams

Fireworks, home cooking, family gatherings and our flag waving, national anthem singing American Pride. Those are many of the images we remember in preparing for and celebrating our nation's Independence this 4th of July weekend.

It's "Baseball, Apple Pie and the American Way."  

75-years ago, July 4, 1939, it was baseball and the courage of Hall of Fame first baseman Lou Gehrig that changed the unknown face of one of the most devastating diseases we know, ALS - Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

With our Hopes & Dreams Quilt Challenge for ALS, Quilters Dream Batting is working to bring Hope to the Dreams of a Cure for ALS.  And this weekend, Major League Baseball [] is also helping to raise funds and bring awareness to ALS.  The below video was produced by Major League Baseball [] and features all 30 current MLB first basemen (and a cameo by Yankee Derek Jeter) reciting Gehrig's now-iconic oration.  It was played at Yankee Stadium before New York hosted the Tampa Bay Rays' afternoon game Wednesday, July 3.

[Read Lou Gehrig's Full Speech here]

Too many of our fellow Americans are facing the same death sentence that Lou Gehrig faced - far too many.  Your quilts donated to the Hopes & Dreams Quilt Challenge for ALS are making a difference in the lives of our "PALS" - people living with ALS.  They are also making a real difference in supporting research that is close to finding a treatment and cure for ALS.

This year's Challenge is coming to an end - let's make July our month of hope with the dream of independence from the struggles of ALS.  Please encourage your family, patrons, and quilting friends to donate a quilt to Hopes & Dreams by July 31st . (Quilts received later will be part of next year's Challenge.)

If you need additional information, please call Quilters Dream Batting toll-free at (888) 268-8664.

Quilts can be sent to:

Hopes & Dreams
c/o Quilters Dream Batting
589 Central Drive
Virginia Beach, VA  23454

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Thank you for helping us give hope to our dreams of a cure!

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