Thursday, January 22, 2015

Petition for GM6 drug that could help ALS patients.

The drug company, Genervon, a small biotech,  is doing the unheard of in ALS.  In early February, Genervon, is going to meet with the FDA to ask for accelerated approval for its drug, GM6,  for ALS.   

This trial drug was tested on 8 ALS patients and it has helped, slowed or stopped their ALS progression!   PLUS, a ventilator patient (like Josh) who has had ALS for 9 years, took the low trial dose of GM6 --- and it has helped him with breathing, speech and swallowing!   

We need your help (again)!

There is an important petition on requesting Congress to support us in asking the FDA to approve this drug NOW.     It is very important to get the maximum number of signatures for maximum impact to influence and achieve drug acceleration and approval.  

I am asking that you please take a moment to sign this petition asap (see below)-- and forward this to your contacts and share on your Facebook page - asking for as many signatures as possible.

Also...please consider submitting  a request directly to the FDA (link below).

This drug could possibly help Josh and all of our friends currently living with ALS.   If GM6 receives accelerated approval - it's the only drug close to having a chance of helping Josh and today's ALS patients.  Without accelerated approval of GM6 - today's ALS patients do not have any medication options to help them.

How you can make a difference:
1. Go to of-genervon-gm6-for-use-in-als and sign the petition asking the FDA for conditional approval of GM6.
2. Go to and submit a comment to the FDA supporting conditional approval of Genervon GM6 for people with diagnosed ALS.

3. Write your congressperson and senator asking them to urge the FDA to grant conditional approval.

4. Share this post on every social media you use. This message needs to go viral.

Thank you so much (again),  
Kathy Thompson