Monday, September 23, 2013

"Remarkable Craftsmanship"

The words jumped off the email and made us smile.  The note was from Chris Clouse of Tiffin, Ohio. 
"I WON your quilt from the South/Central Ohio ALS Association through which our daughter attends support group meetings."
Wind Rose Quilt Guild

"The beauty and craftsmanship is remarkable and the colors perfectly match our newly painted bedroom.  It has a special warmth that only a PAL (person with ALS) would understand.  I feel so fortunate to have received it and wanted to let you know how much your generosity is appreciated."

The quilt was from a member of the Wind Rose Quilt Guild in New York.  We are not sure which quilt she received, but the quilt pictured above is one of the 32 quilts the guild sent in to Hopes & Dreams.  The South/Central Ohio ALS Association Chapter helps all their PALS believe they are winners when they gift them with a quilt.

As does the  ALS Association DC/MD/VA Chapter.

ALS Association DC/MD/VA Chapter Care Services Coordinator Jennifer Mundy (kneeling)
with PAL Anna and her Hopes & Dreams quilt.

Jennifer Mundy, Care Services Coordinator of the DC/MD/VA Chapter, wanted to share several pictures of PALS with their Hopes & Dreams quilts. 

Barbara and Kirby of Southwestern, Virginia

"Words really can't express how meaningful your work is or what an honor it is for me to be able to distribute the quilts on your behalf," writes Jennifer.  "I get to see first hand the joy, love, and comfort each one brings to the PALS receiving them."
Linda and her Hopes & Dreams Quilt.
"Your act of compassion means so much and I, along with the PALS that I serve thank you for your work!" adds Jennifer.

Each quilt brings joy and comfort.  This was expressed so clearly in a recent note from Joan Deye of Maryland -

"I would like to tell you about one of the many quilts your group has sent to the ALS Association. I facilitate the caregiver support group in Montgomery County, Maryland. A young woman attends regularly, who is the daughter of a PALS (person with ALS). Her mother lives in St. Louis, so she tries to visit every three weeks. Needless to say this has been very hard on them both, given the fact that she has no siblings. Those of us in this group feel like we know her mother because of what we hear and she seems like a wonderful, loving mother. Because I started to feel so deeply about this person, that I had not met, I asked her daughter to take one of the (Hopes & Dreams) quilts to her. This lady just loved it and had it over her all day in her wheel chair.

Several months ago St. Louis was struck with those bad tornadoes. Mrs. L could not get to the basement for safety so she and her husband huddled in the bathroom. They no sooner got in there when she asked her husband to go back out and get her quilt. She told him she knew she would be safe with that covering her.

I think this just shows the far reaching impact your project has. It is like wrapping your arms around someone. Thanks for what you and your group are doing and continue to know that your work is not forgotten."

As we begin the 5th Annual Hopes & Dreams Quilt Challenge for ALS may these words bring a smile to your heart knowing you are making a big difference - one quilt at a time.

Hopes & Dreams Coordinator