Thursday, July 3, 2014

Splish Splash Quilt Bash Fun in Michigan

As we head into the Fourth of July holiday weekend, we wanted to give you an update on what is happening with our inaugural Splish Splash Quilt Bash Challenge between The Joyful Quilter in New York and Quilt-n-Bee in Michigan.

Sharon Kaiser and her daughter have really been busy promoting Hopes & Dreams.  The last count (and she says it's growing daily) was 51 quilts made and donated by her quilt shop patrons and friends.

Sharon took this picture of a couple of the quilts at the marina on Grand Traverse Bay to celebrate a little of the 'splish' in the 'splash' of helping to bring awareness to ALS in her community, as well as provide warmth, hope and love to PALS - people living with ALS - who will receive the quilts.

For Sharon the joy of the challenge is in honoring her neice Cheryl who died of ALS when she was 50. "Sharon was always willing to share her gifts with everyone else and she was an avid quilter," says Sharon. "The Splish Splish Quilt Bash and Hopes & Dreams are the perfect way to give life to her gifts and help someone else who is living with this devestating disease."

Sharon Kaiser of Quilt-n-Bee in Michigan participating
in the Splish Splash Quilt Bash to honor her neice Cheryl who died of ALS at the age of 50.

The fun 'banter' between the two shop owners continues. 

The Joyful Quilter Splish Splash Quilt Bash donation and prize pool.

Earlier this week, Susan at The Joyful Quilter posted this photo of her Splish Splash display on her Facebook Page.  Susan posted, "Our Splish-Splash pool is half full!  Donate a quilt or other project and be entered into our drawing for a prize valued at $500!  Now through July 31st!"

So Sharon at Quilt-n-Bee, in a good natured way, replies, "I've got to get a cool boat like that!  Only ours will have to be MUCH"

To which Susan counters with, "Sorry Sharon, I forgot to mention the quilts in the in-ground pool in back..."

Provoking a big grin and belly laugh from Sharon who ended with, "Now that made me laugh out loud!!! Thank you, I certainly needed that."

Actually - if there are any THANK YOU's to pass out, it's from all of us here at Quilters Dream Batting and the Hopes & Dreams Quilt Challenge for ALS.  Susan and Sharon - your participation not only honors but brings to life the joy and love of your family members and is bringing HOPE to our DREAMS of a CURE for ALS!

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