Monday, July 7, 2014

Meet Linda Teufel of Dragon Threads - $1,000 Grand Sponsor of Hopes & Dreams

Say hello to Linda Teufel.

Linda Tuefel owner of Dragon Threads.

Linda has owned and operated Dragon Threads Textile Art Books since 1994.

Linda is also the author of two books, KOOS couture & collage and Quilting Party! Group Quilting for Celbration, Commemoration, and Charity.

Linda loves helping others, whether introducing them to a new idea or twist on a traditional art form, or inspiring someone to make quilts that are donated to others.  She believes in Hopes & Dreams and became a Grand Sponsor the very first year of the challenge in 2009.

When we asked Linda why she continues to support Hopes & Dreams by donating $1,000 in books as prizes each year, she said, "My best friend's mother has ALS and went through it and my Aunt had it, too.  I didn't watch my Aunt go through the daily struggles with this disease, but I saw her from time to time and it's pretty disturbing up close.  My best friends mother was in her body, but couldn't come out having lost all muscle movement.  They got her a machine to help her communicate and then took her to Germany to try testing.  It was very sad. Donating the books is a little thing to do.  It's not finding a cure, but it is something."

Yes, Linda - it is a big something!  If you will, take a moment and click here and tell Linda "Thanks!" for continuing to support the Hopes & Dreams Quilt Challenge for ALS as a Grand Sponsor.

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