Wednesday, September 17, 2014

States are finally putting the Right To Try law in effect.

The "Right To Try" law allows terminally ill patients to obtain experimental drugs without getting federal approval. 

The Hopes & Dreams Quilt Challenge for ALS was started by Quilters Dream Batting owner, Kathy Thompson in efforts to raise awareness and funds for this awful disease. Kathy's son, Josh was diagnosed with ALS in 2007. After many promises from the FDA and much time spent working to get the necessary treatments, Josh was denied access to a possibly life saving medicine, crippling this young man's ability to live and hindering his quality of life. 

In the video below, Kathy shares her story. 

However, there may be a bright side for patients suffering from terminally ill diseases. 

So far, five states including Colorado and Louisiana have jumped on board and put the Right To Try law in effect! 

Goldwater Institute's  Senior political advisor, Lucy Caldwell, interviews with Fox News about how this law could save many lives. 

Like most things, this law has caused debates and controversy. What's your take? Hope your state passes the law if it already hasn't? Leave us a comment. 

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