Monday, March 10, 2014

With Thanks!

I have to say I have THE best job working with caring and talented co-workers, and getting to touch and feel the artwork of thousands of quilters across the United States (and Belgium and Australia!).  The quilts you are donating to the 2014 Hopes & Dreams Quilt Challenge for ALS are coming in daily and soon my desk will have it's own walls made of brown and white boxes!

U.S. Postal Service and UPS Boxes will with Hopes & Dreams quilts (plus a few delivered in person!).

On occasion the mailman brings letters that touch our hearts.  They may be addressed to "The Dream Team," "Hopes & Dreams," and even "Kathy Thompson and Juanita Kelly," but they are for YOU, too!

Like this lovely floral card from Rita Straub.  Rita sent her note to Kathy and Juanita, mom and grandmother to Josh Thompson.  Rita writes -

"Dear Kathy and Juanita - My husband, Hank Stroub, has been diagnosed with ALS.  Barbara Goscho, the Pastoral Care Counselor at the Milton Hershey Medical Center Neurology Department, presented my husband with a lovely quilt made by you and your Dream Team.  It was very cold the day of his appointment and the quilt kept his legs toasty.  He's been using it ever since.  Thank you for the quilt and for all you do to support the ALS cause.  Sincerely, Rita Stroub."

YOU are a part of the Dream Team.  And also made the day of another "PAL" - person living with ALS.

This card is from Mary Gray of Rockford, Illinois.  Mary writes -

"To Hopes & Dreams Quilters, Thank you so much for the quilt.  It was hard to grasp my diagnosis which was last November.  I am enjoying the quilt - it is so beautiful.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness.  God Bless you, Mary Gray."

The Hopes & Dreams Quilt Challenge for ALS challenge year runs August 1 and ends July 31st of the next year.  After we have photographed, posted on Facebook, and cataloged each quilt received, we send a note to all of the ALS Chapters across the U.S. and let them know we are ready to send them as many quilts as they would like.  Some Chapters actually ask for quilts year-round and we ship them the number of quilts desired at the expense of Quilters Dream Batting.  Many ALS Chapters enjoy receiving dozens of quilts around Thanksgiving and Christmas to share during holiday parties and home visits.  One of the ALS Chapters that always looks forward to receiving Hopes & Dreams quilts is the Florida Chapter.

They sent this Thank You note that reads:

"Thank you for the Quilts with Hopes & Dreams of a cure for ALS.  From: ALS Association Florida Chapter - Central Florida Region in The Villages, Florida."  If you read the notes on the right hand of the card you will see several PALS who sent along their thanks for the quilt they received that keeps them warm.

So, let me add my THANK YOU as well.  One of my favorite sayings is, "There is not enough darkness in the world to extinguish the light of one small flame."  Your time, talents and treasures to make a quilt to give to another is that flame of hope and love that can never be extinguished!

Your blessed and grateful Hopes & Dreams Coordinator

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