Tuesday, August 13, 2013

And now...a word from our SPONSORS!

All of us here at Quilters Dream Batting love when our UPS and USPS men visit us each day.  They may not feel the same after carrying hundreds of heavy boxes into our office.  We all love the surprise and find ourselves guessing (sometimes out loud!) what gifts await in the brown colored packages.

When this box came in I confess I did not want to open it.  The box and it's contents are from Angela Walters for one person in particular - the winner of the 2013 Hopes & Dreams Quilt Challenge for ALS "Sew Popular" category.  Well, Gina had other ideas and twisted my arm to open the box (she didn't have to twist hard!)  
Can you pick out the message?  Angela shared with us that she lost someone very dear to her this year who passed away from ALS - Lou Gehrig's Disease.  She wanted to honor her friend by becoming a Grand Sponsor of the Hopes & Dreams Quilt Challenge for ALS.  Specifically, Angela wanted to provide the entire $1,000 gift package for the "Sew Popular" category winner.  This  "QUILT" features fabric designed by Angela which highlights her fabulous quilting.  
That's not the only thing in the box.                 
Angela pulled out all the stops for the winner.  She included two of her books, a copy of Quilters World Magazine, yardage of her very own fabric "Textures" that she designed for Art Gallery Fabrics.  There is much more, including lots - we mean LOTS - of Aurifil threads. 
This is only HALF of what the "Sew Popular" Hopes & Dreams Quilt Challenge winner will receive.  Angela herself will be mailing a $500 check to the individual that receives the most votes from you in our Facebook voting (coming up in a few weeks). 
The boxes didn't stop with Angela's.
Justin Hancock of Hancock's of Paducah sent their Grand Sponsorship prizes, too.  We are keeping these boxes closed until it's time to prepare the boxes of goodies for winners.  We know what Justin sent - FABRIC!  Last year we were blessed with Justin's gift of fabric to send to winners.  In fact, the winner of the "Sew Generous Professional" category last year, Joe Filer of Illinois, along with his wife Bunny used the fabric they won to make quilts and gift them right back to Hopes & Dreams this year.
Each quilt is lovely and Bunny writes, "Most of my quilts are wild and bright and 'out there.'  Usually if you want a place for your eye to rest - you just need to look away!"  However the fabric Hancock's of Paducah sent included some with ducks printed on it.
Bunny said this quilt was a little unusual for her, but is a little more relaxing to the eye and may be just the right quilt for the right person.  We know it will be!
So a big THANK YOU to Angela and Justin for being gracious and generous Grand Sponsors and to YOU for being as gracious and generous with your quilts of love.  We know our PALS (patients with ALS) get just excited when their boxes arrive as we do when yours arrive at Quilters Dream Batting.
Your Grateful Hopes & Dreams Coordinator

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